ProAT building

The roots go back to the year 1999: The experienced engineer Udo Hoellstern developed the first audiophile, digital 4-channel high-performance amplifier and thus founded his new company ASID. Even at this early stage it became apparent how the art of engineering and the passion for authentic sound can produce a unique product. And so in the following 5 years it quickly became clear that the 10 kW amplifier developed for insiders was a reference in the professional sound reinforcement market in terms of power, efficiency and audiophile sound.

The ASID GmbH finally turned into the Hoellstern GmbH. The renaming was at the same time a clear commitment by the founder of the company, Udo Hoellstern, to push ahead with the development of first-class and professional high-performance amplifiers in Germany. Innovations such as digital high-performance amplifiers with integrated DSP reflect this ambition for excellence. Thus, Hoellstern amplifiers have always been convincing with their extraordinarily precise reproduction in the upper power range while at the same time meeting the highest temperature requirements. Another outstanding feature that users worldwide appreciate marks a milestone in the company’s history: amplifiers have been supplemented with extensive, precise and manufacturer-independent loudspeaker libraries to provide a multifunctional, open system platform.

Out of the desire to develop professional sound reinforcement solutions, ProAudio Technology GmbH was founded in 2010. The experience gained from the development and sale of professional high-performance amplifiers formed the fundament. Udo Hoellstern, as the driving force, together with his team created a high-class product portfolio – from monitor loudspeakers to line array systems and subwoofers.

ProAudio Technology’s sound reinforcement solutions set the benchmark in the market, combining precise, neutral and unadulterated sound with unparalleled overall efficiency. ProAudio Technology is appreciated by its customers worldwide for this economy and top quality “Made in Germany”.

As an owner-managed company, we are always close to the market and know what our customers want. This uncompromising customer orientation combined with our technological expertise and the will to innovate form the backbone of ProAudio Technology!

Professional Audio has a name: ProAudio Technology!