For best handling of ProAudio Technology sound systems, use the latest generation of software package: K2 V2

If you still want to use K2 V1 you can find the password protected download links and information below:

Please always keep the Konfigurator software up to date. Export the K2 projects with the installed K2 version. Then update the current K2 V1.8X installation with the newer K2 V1.8X version. K2 checks the integrity of the project data of previous version: any error and warning messages must be observed and must not be ignored. The project data are generally not backward compatible, so they must not be edited with previous K2 versions.

K2 V1.8X is executable on these operating systems:

  • Windows WIN7 and above
  • Apple 10.10. Yosemite and above

For further questions about the software K2 V1.8X, its loudspeaker libraries, pro audio sound systems and pro audio system solutions please contact As the manufacturer, our competent pro audio support will respond promptly.

Interested persons who have not yet had contact with ProAudio Technology Support should please provide complete contact and company information with all inquiries. Thank you.

Protected: Software K2 V1.86 for Mac OS
Protected: Software K2 V1.86 for Windows 64 Bit
Protected: Software K2 V1.86 for Windows 32 Bit

Loudspeaker library download:

The K2 V1.86 software contains the speaker setup library version #14.

A new speaker library can be imported under the K2 V1.8X menu item “General”. The library has a consecutive version number, which is displayed in the top right corner of the main window in K2 V1.8X.

It is recommended to always use the latest speaker library, because the speaker library is maintained and constantly improved.

The loudspeaker library is imported as a ZIP file in the K2 V1.8X software under the “General” menu item. After restarting the K2 software, the new loudspeaker library is available and new loudspeaker blocks become visible. Each loudspeaker block has an exclusive ID number that is automatically displayed via the tooltips in the K2 V1.8X software.

Attention: The K2 library below is not compatible with the new generation configurator software K2 V2.

K2 Library NT1
Size: 380 KB
Version: #14 (30.04.2022)