Over 100 ProAudio Technology loudspeakers in stock at CK Veranstaltungstechnik

Over 100 ProAudio Technology loudspeakers in stock at CK Veranstaltungstechnik

With the VT16 system, acquired in 2018, CK Veranstaltungstechnik’s stock has grown to over 100 ProAudio Technology loudspeakers. 36 VT16 & VT20 tops with a total of 44 corresponding subs form a good basis for the VT network in the Rhine-Main area.

The VT16 fits seamlessly into the material park and the system concept: Together with the existing ProAudio Technology systems, it provides even more flexibility in everyday rental life.

„We have been using ProAudio Technology’s material successfully since 2012 and have therefore been involved in the company’s development right from the start. We are growing together, so to speak. In 2015, the VT20 line array system with VS18 subwoofers was added, which was constantly expanded. Now it was the logical consequence to purchase the first 12 units of the smaller VT16 line array. Previous tests have shown how directly this system sounds, how well it resolves and what level the small 21 kg light boxes can produce. In addition, it offers our customers an inexpensive alternative to the VT20 line array, while at the same time significantly reducing transport costs.

ProAudio Technology stands for sophisticated systems with excellent service and a very good price/performance ratio. All systems can be used flexibly. Both at live rock ‘n’ roll and at techno events or gala events. Always excellent results. Every day we watch the brand establish itself more and more in the market and are happy to be a part of it – now also with VT16.“

Christopher KlarManaging Director, CK Veranstaltungstechnik