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Equipment pool: We unite users

No doubt you are familiar with the fact that you do not always have all the required components in sufficient quantity in stock for larger events or installations. As a result, flexibility is compromised and the implementation of projects is made more difficult. We’re putting an end to this now! Because with our new equipment pool we now bring our customers and partners together.

For this purpose we have developed our own database, which seamlessly links addresses, material stocks and geodata. This allows us to check on call whether the desired ProAudio Technology units are available locally or worldwide. Thanks to powerful filter functions, the selection can be easily narrowed down. Access from additional material is thus comprehensively simplified! But the best database is only as good as the data it contains. That’s why we need your support.
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If you are interested, we register your inventory in the system so that you can cooperate with other users on demand. Support the ProAudio Technology equipment pool and send us your equipment list right now to or via WhatsApp +49 (0) 163 / 41 84 981