KSL invests into VT20

KSL-Eventequipment invests into the VT20 System

KSL-Eventequipment from Oschatz has gone for the top-level VT20 System. For this decision-making process the usual suspects were thoroughly tested and compared. It was, after all, a question of setting the course for the next 10 years. And such decisions must be well-considered!

KSL had clear-cut requirements on a PA system: an audio performance that meets the highest demands. A very good scalability and efficiency are just as important as the support, the quality of the system components and their reliability. Finally the price structure also plays a part because it’s supposed to bring joy and lasting economic sense. The systems made by ProAudio Technology exceed all these parameters.

The VT20 System is an outperformer, a reference system in its class which perfectly masters all disciplines. One top of 35 kg (77.2 lbs) and 1 x 8 ohms, one subwoofer of 46 kg (101.5 lbs) and 1 x 8 ohms plus a system amplifier which delivers a clean 4 x 6 KW into 2.7 ohms even under the most severe conditions. When combined this triumvirate makes a peerless reference class which clearly mirrors the typical attitude of ProAudio Technology towards efficiency, scalability and performance.

„We have listened to many systems and tested them on our jobs. When we heard the VT16 and VT20 System in comparison to other systems for the first time, it became soon clear to us: these two systems seem to be unique in terms of their overall features. Far less electricity demand, far less wiring, considerably better handling and a top-drawer performance which has no equal. Moreover, there’s the unlimited interchangeability of all systems. The great user support rounds out the big picture and makes it perfect.

These are points you can’t argue away in practice. The systems from ProAudio Technology are very up-front in all crucial aspects, if not even unbeatable. Add to this the fact that the systems remain affordable, despite their high quality and performance. On the whole it wasn’t a tough decision in the end, and we’re confident that we’ll have a lot of fun and success with it.“