MMT relies on line-arrays from ProAudio Technology

MMT Veranstaltungstechnik expands rental park with VT16

In 2012 MMT Veranstaltungstechnik GmbH from Herne was searching for new and flexible PA systems for mid-sized sound reinforcement applications. After multiple tests and comparisons with products from several manufacturers, the decision was finally made in favour of a set consisting of MT12s, HT16s, SW18 and SW28 subwoofers with 14.4-DSP system amplifiers.

In the following years the inventory was systematically augmented. Late in 2017 the owners Markus and Thomas Lakomy, together with their technicians and colleagues, took a closer look at the VT16 line-array system.

Their aim was to find an optimum system in the 2 x 8″ class. Extensive tests were done at various jobs to find out if and how the 58 cm (22.83 in.) wide 1 x 12 ohm VT16 top, which tips the scales at only 21 kg (46.35 lbs.), works and can score with regard to handling and performance in practical use.

The MMT team agrees: twelve VT16 tops including accessories now complement the large rental park at MMT’s, expanding as of now the perfectly organised network of ProAudio Technology users.

„The systems from ProAudio Technology have thrilled us time and again over the years and bring us fun every day. Soundwise the systems are very much upfront and, in my opinion, they have an unmatched efficiency.

Each loudspeaker may be combined in phase with every other. This greatly increases our flexibility in the planning and conducting process, even with extremely complex PA requirements.

The great handling and absolutely clever accessories make the package complete.“

„When we heard the VT16 System for the first time and compared it to other well-known and, in some cases, much bigger line-arrays on the market, we were really surprised. 2 x 6 tops with 2 x 4 subs on one system amplifier and consequently a single Schuko phase – in my view no other system on the market can do this. This very fact alone, considered by itself, is almost unbelievable. Even in 35 m distance from the system it’s hard to believe.

In my opinion this in-your-face directness from the relatively compact loudspeakers and the achievable maximum sound level are peerless. It’s a nice thing that this performance and quality remains also cost-efficient in the end. The VT16 has convinced us right away in the shootout!“