MSL Eventtechnik trusts in the VT20 Line Array

MSL selects VT20 System after extensive testing phase

MSL Eventtechnik GmbH had already set the course for a new PA system at the beginning of 2017. The two managing directors and the technicians tested many systems and compared them directly at events. After the first test, the VT20 system was already narrowly selected and clearly outperformed two of the internationally recognized competitors in the final comparison. In addition, it was clearly shown that uncompromising engineering and its consistent implementation cannot be discussed away through marketing.

In addition to its acoustic performance, the VT20 won points above all for its flexibility and cost-effectiveness. Two system amplifiers instead of the typical 4 to 6, a much simpler and faster cabling without 8-pole cables, pin switches, splitters, etc. as well as much faster set-up and de-installation times are factors that clearly speak for themselves on the pitch.

Together with AVIVOX, 24 VT20 tops and 24 VS18 subwoofers, as well as several MT10, MT12 and TX20 loudspeakers and 20.4-DSP system amplifiers, form a solid basis for flexible sound reinforcement solutions.

„After several comparisons and involving our technicians, it was clear to us that ProAudio Technology fulfilled the requirement for an advanced sound reinforcement system.

The clever portfolio offers the right components and system solutions for small to complex large sound reinforcement systems. Furthermore, the systems inspire with their uncompromising sound quality and simple handling at a manageable material cost. The flexibility of the VT20 system is enormous. We are convinced that we can offer our customers the right solutions and the best hearing pleasure for the visitors.“