new setups released

Software K2 and new setups released

Good news: The new software configurator2 V1.78 for Windows (32 & 64 bit) and Mac (64 bit) is now available in the download area. The network view, the behavior of the view filters “Active memory” and the disconnection and connection of the network line have been improved. Also on board: The support of the brand new 10.4-DSP system amplifier. You can also look forward to these new setups: TX20-90, TX20-FR, MT10-90, VS15-INF and SW18-INF on VT20 setup level from scratch. In addition, the VS15-INF and SW18-INF infra setups can be perfectly combined with the VT8-50, VT16-50 and VT20-50 setups of the respective line arrays.

It is recommended to use the new version from now on. Please uninstall the previous K2 versions and then install K2 V1.78 with the usual user rights. All computers should be brought up to date (K2 projects are not backwards compatible!). For security reasons, amplifiers should be set to DSP-OFF and then reset to factory settings. When uploading from a memory for the first time, the library in the amplifier will be renewed. The first upload from a memory therefore takes longer.

Do you have any suggestions, wishes or would you like a K2 software training course at our company? Your feedback is always welcome at!