Bruchsal community center with ProAudio Technology

A new public address system for the Rechberg Hall was chosen for the Bruchsal community centre in 2018. It was tested extensively: Various loudspeaker manufacturers were given the opportunity to demonstrate an optimal sound reinforcement solution very realistically over several days to the responsible sound engineer. This also included ProAudio Technology from Southern Germany.

To the Rechberg Hall itself: The representative hall offers space for about 1,000 seats and can be extended over a wide foyer area if required. With its large stage with stage lift, lifting platforms, orchestra pit and electric trains, it is equally suitable for theatre performances and concerts as for congresses, conferences and presentations.

High demands were made on the new sound system: In addition to a reproduction of speech and music that is as homogeneous, natural and low in distortion as possible, the sound system must also be sufficiently dimensioned and have punch, even for events with high levels.

Furthermore, it had to be relatively easy to add subwoofers without having to reconfigure or even calibrate the sound system. The elevating podiums and the height-adjustable orchestra pit with its rather large, hollow wooden substructures had to be given special consideration in the low-mid and low-frequency ranges in order to avoid unpleasant acoustic resonances. The depth and width of the Rechberg Hall can be extended by the foyer area if required.

In order to achieve the best possible sound reinforcement, ProAudio Technology chose two line arrays of 6 VT16 each on the side of the central stage. The fact that the VT16 line array from ProAudio Technology can already deliver remarkably high levels from 50 Hz and still sound clean and low-distortion is very suitable for this application scenario. The simulation with Ease Focus was done with great care. The remote foyer area was refreshed with several MT10 multi-functional loudspeakers with an appropriate delay.

Shortly before Christmas 2018 – after completion of all tests – the decision was made regarding the sound system: ProAudio Technology was awarded the contract! At the beginning of 2019 the new sound system was installed, calibrated and successfully handed over to the responsible sound engineers. Since then, the sound reinforcement solution has been convincing visitors to the Bruchsal community centre.