Dresden Respekt 2018

Dresden Respekt for the second time with ProAudio Technology

Under the motto “Heart instead of hatred”, around 12,000 Dresdeners responded to the call of the Dresden.Respekt alliance on 21 October 2018 to demonstrate respect for a solidarity-based, cosmopolitan and colourful Dresden without racism.

Dirk Preuß was commissioned with his company Produktionsbüro Dresden to do the sound reinforcement for the Postplatz. The main system consisted of the Vertical Line Array System VT20, which was able to provide the 85 m space depth with a sovereign and homogeneous sound. Despite a significantly higher number of visitors than expected, the speakers were well understood up to the last row. The side areas next to the stage were covered with HT16 loudspeakers.

Another HT16 system was installed on a truck and had to be operated with a very quiet power generator. This was used mobile at different stations.

Technical facts

Main stage
Main PA16 x VT20
Subs4 x VS28 subwoofers
Sidefill2 x HT16
Nearfill2 x MT12
Amping2 x 20.4-DSP system amplifiers
Power1 x 16A CEE
Monitoring4 x M20 and 4 x M10
Amping2 x 20.4-DSP system amplifiers
Main PA8 x HT16
Subs8 x VS18
Amping1 x 20.4-DSP system amplifiers
PowerHonda EU70 power unit


„For events of this kind, it is important to have a system that can be configured quickly and easily and that provides sufficient headroom to allow short set-up and deconstruction times. Another enormous advantage is the efficient power consumption of the Hoellstern system amplifiers used. We find these factors in the products of ProAudio Technology in the best possible combination.”

Dirk PreußProduction Manager at the Dresden Production Office