I am Hardstyle Germany for the second time with ProAudio Technology

The Maimarkthalle in Mannheim with an area of 78 x 98 meters (256 x 322 ft.) is generally regarded as a location that is difficult to sound. The sound engineers have not yet been able to achieve optimum results there. With the systems from ProAudio Technology, “I am Hardstyle Germany 2018“ made it clear that things could indeed be done better. To their personal delight the responsible sound engineers of “I am Hardstyle Germany 2018“ could not assert the notorious acoustic difficulties of the Maimarkthalle.

Background: At the first “I am Hardstyle Germany“ in 2017 the VT20 system was successfully used. The system then impressively demonstrated its performance under extreme conditions in a larger setup. For 2018 more visitors were expected and the sound system had to be enlarged accordingly.

Marc Schuler from DWS Veranstaltungstechnik was in charge of the entire technical management of the event. He once again opted for the VT20 system for sound reinforcement for 8,000 visitors. This time 166 loudspeakers and 15 system amplifiers were used for all sound zones.

The experience gained and the conspicuously positive feedback clearly show that the VT20 is a serious sound reinforcement system with which outstanding results can be achieved even under difficult circumstances.

Technical facts

Main PA2 x 16 VT20
Outhangs2 x 12 VT20
Subarray72 x VS18 subs (cardioid sub-array)
Nearfill6 x HT16
Monitor (DJ)6 x VT16 with 4 x SW18
Monitor (MC)4 x M20
Sidefill6 x VT16
VIP stage2 x 6 VT16

The entire main PA of 56 VT20 and 72 VS18 required only ten 20.4-DSP amplifiers. Nearfill, monitoring, sidefill and VIP stage were driven by five 14.4-DSP amplifiers.


“Already in 2017 the VT20 System convinced all down the line, and so the decision for 2018 was a quick one. We serve many events in the hardstyle and techno domain and are on tour all over Germany. What the VT20 System delivered at the IAH 2018, was nothing short of a sensation. Even with massive sound levels it remains clean and never gets on your nerves.

One can hardly describe the 72 VS18s on just a single 32A connection. The bottom line is that with the VT20 Setup in Mannheim we made a clear statement in terms of sound. This is confirmed by the generous praise from visitors and technicians, and it shows that we were right on target with our planning and realisation.“

Marc SchulerIn charge of the event technology and chief technical officer for Mannheim on the VT20 System

“In spring 2017, after numerous tests and comparisons, we decided to go for VT20 System. One crucial point was that the system works very well already in smaller applications. At this year’s I am Hardstyle our system was rented via the VT network and I was on the site myself. The performance of the PA with 2 x 16 and 2 x 12 tops with 72 VS18 subs in the Maimarkthalle was absolutely convincing.

The coupling of the tops in an array of 12 or 16 can’t be beaten and deeply impressed me. The system covered the distance of over 70 metres (230 ft.) with almost no level loss. It’s spectacular that the still relatively compact VT20s are so very suitable for large-scale sound reinforcement. Incredible, if we also take into consideration that an array of 16 is wired by two 4-pole Speakon cables.“

Heiko MeyerManaging Director at DM Elektronik from Ruehen

Festival visitors who are regulars at the popular national and international festivals, describe their impressions:

“I just wanted to give a high praise to the team. We were at the I am Hardstyle and thrilled by your sound. Because there was a lot going on, we were standing relatively far back. And the sound was still clear, clean and punchy. At other events you always need to put yourself in the middle to get a decent sound; that wasn’t necessary this time. Many thanks for the awesome sound and hopefully till next year.“

Lucashuge Hardstyle fan

“On March 3, 2018 I visited the I am Hardstyle in Mannheim. The sound was one of the best I’ve heard at the past 40 events. Well-balanced lows, the sound was clear and neutral. Even right after the event my ears didn’t suffer from annoying buzz or pressure.“

Julianhuge Hardstyle fan