Germany’s largest indoor hardstyle event relies on ProAudio Technology for the fourth time

“Born and Raised” under this motto Germany’s biggest Hardstyle Rave Event took place again on January 25th: the I am Hardstyle 2020 in the Maimarkthalle Mannheim. At Germany’s biggest indoor hardstyle event, well-known stars like Brennan Heart, D-Block & S-TE-Fan, Wildstylez, Ran-D, Sub Zero Project, Warface, B-Front, D-Sturb, Sound Rush, Aftershock and many more heated up the crowd.

Already in 2017, 2018 and 2019 the big event was completely equipped with ProAudio Technology systems. Therefore we were especially proud to be on board again in 2020 and to make the Maimarkthalle a hotspot for all hardstyle enthusiasts.

The complete sound reinforcement solution was again designed and prepared together with the team from DWS and with support from ProAudio Technology to achieve a top result with maximum efficiency. And so we were able to perfectly realize the goal set by the organizer to deliver the best possible result. The feedback from visitors and technicians was amazing!

With a hall width of 75 metres and an effective sound reinforcement width of 60 metres, it was necessary to develop a balanced setup. Four large VT20 line arrays were chosen as the main PA, horn-loaded HT16s for the near field and four VT16 line arrays after 50 meters plus two additional VT16 line arrays after 75 meters for the rear, higher VIP tiers.

All loudspeakers could be perfectly time-aligned to the main PA. Correspondingly calculated delay values were sufficient to optimally adjust the phase-linear systems to each other. Due to the consistent, deterministic time alignment within the ProAudio Technology loudspeaker library, the accompanying measurement with Smaart only served to verify the calculated values. FoH’s internationally experienced technicians were visibly impressed by the speed and smart way in which ProAudio Technology system components can be phase-linearly aligned with each other.

This year, the 120 SW18 subarray was acoustically optimized in 2:1 cardioid mode and fully balanced in 4:2 clusters. Exactly as the setup design from ProAudio Technology provides. Only the outer four clusters were minimally delayed within the sub-array. The 120 subs with the 6-cluster system resulted in a physically exact 55 meters width and were acoustically expanded to 60 meters with a little delay. This fitted perfectly with the organizer’s specifications and local guidelines.

The homogeneity, control and pressure in the low frequency range were fantastic and with the line arrays they provided a high performance sound reinforcement solution over the entire area to be covered. The cardioid sub-array’s pronounced rearward attenuation enabled the city’s noise guidelines to be complied with accordingly, allowing for relaxed conversations behind the subs and on stage.

18 system amplifiers were used for the approximately 250 loudspeakers. A further four system amplifiers were preset as a backup in the network via WLAN and Konfigurator2. But these were not needed, because besides the perfect result it is worth mentioning that there were again no material failures and the consistent quality of the ProAudio Technology system solutions is permanently paying off.


“When an organizer chooses a manufacturer like ProAudio Technology for the fourth time, there is a good reason: quality, sound and reliability in use. This is exactly where the sound reinforcement solutions from ProAudio Technology stand out. As a result, together we have once again delivered a convincing event in Mannheim and can look back on an enthusiastic audience. We are already looking forward to next year!”

“Pre-planning and setup of the entire sound reinforcement system were on a professional level with the team from ProAudio Technology – exactly as one would expect at such a large event! The interaction of the components convinced us as technicians – starting with the configuration up to the adjustment of the loudspeaker parameters, which represents an enormous gain in time and quality thanks to the library of ProAudio Technology.”