Customized sound reinforcement solution over the city roofs of Freiburg

The NEKO Bar.Club is one of the hippest locations in Freiburg. Located on the 17th and 18th floors of the station tower, it offers a spectacular 360-degree backdrop over the rooftops of Freiburg. Whether relaxed entertainment in a lounge atmosphere or exuberant partying with club beats, RnB or Hip Hop – the NEKO Bar.Club is always worth a visit. This is also ensured by the modern interior with 3-D panels by Simon Vorhammer and installations by the light artist Matthias Singer, who also works for the Vitra Design Museum.

And thanks to the ProAudio Technology sound systems installed there, guests can also expect a first-class sound experience on the various levels. This is guaranteed by direct-radiating MT10 multi-functional loudspeakers in combination with powerful SW12 subwoofers. M10 monitor speakers are used for live monitoring.

Due to the high acoustic damping requirements, special attention was paid to the integration of the subwoofers: The specialists from ProAudio Technology accordingly chose a floating installation, which is also cardioid controlled.

As a result, the fixed installation convinces with clean sound and distortion-free reproduction throughout the NEKO Bar.Club.