ProAudio Technology provides an exciting graduation event

In March 2019 the Moseltalhalle in Piesport became a festive location for all high school students of the 2019 class. More than 650 visitors came together to have an unforgettable evening with the pupils of the Nikolaus-von-Kues high school. ProAudio Technology provided the equipment for the fifth time and, together with AudioDrug Veranstaltungstechnik (sound) and KP Events (light, video), provided a top-class sound system – from the awarding of graduation certificates to the performance of a 36-piece big band and following after-show party with DJ.

After a system with HT16 and SW18 had been used in previous years, this year the decision was made to combine the recently acquired VT20 system with SW18 and VS18 (Infra) support in the sub range. Four MT10 loudspeakers were used for the near field, of which the two middle ones were mounted very attractively across the brand-new stand bracket. As stage sound two MT12 with SW18 were used. The monitoring was done by two M10 and two M20. The entire system was operated with only three 20.4-DSP system amplifiers!

Technical facts

Main PA8 x VT20
Subarray8 x SW18 and 2 x VS18 (infra)
Nearfill4 x MT10 of which 2 in the middle crosswise on stand bracket
Monitoring2 x M20, 2x M10, 2 x MT12 with 2 x SW18
Amping3 x 20.4-DSP system amplifiers
Power1 x 32 A / 400 V connection


„The VT20 system has convinced in every detail, the coverage and throw with only 4 elements per side and an indescribable directness at an area of 35 x 25 m was impressive. The use of the two VS18 subs in the infra setup in combination with the SW18 subs has also proven itself. It shows once again how perfectly the various speakers from ProAudio Technology are tuned to each other and acoustically form a unit. The new mounting bracket for the MT10 loudspeaker is a cool and helpful tool for the edge of the stage. We’re always excited about the results that can be achieved with the material and will continue to expand our inventory of over 60 ProAudio Technology speakers and system amplifiers to provide our customers with the best possible sound experience.”

Jan LeyendeckerAudioDrug Veranstaltungstechnik