VT16 turns Revolverheld concert into a sound experience

When the company SLM Kunststofftechnik celebrates, managing director Thomas Brüsch doesn’t do things by halves. On the occasion of the 20th anniversary, nobody played less than the band Revolverheld.

As in previous years, the Watt & Volt team from Wolfsburg was responsible for the planning and technical implementation of the event. For the sound reinforcement they decided on a combination of VT16 tops, which were supported in the low frequency range by SW18 subwoofers and in the near field by MT12 multifunctional loudspeakers. This made it possible to get the difficult acoustic conditions in the separated production hall under control. The entire system was driven by three 20.4-DSP system amplifiers.

Technical facts

Main PA10 x VT20 vertical array tops
Subarray16 x SW18 subwoofers
Nearfill2 x MT12 multifunction loudspeaker
Amping3 x 20.4-DSP system amplifier


„The challenge was to meet the high demands of Revolverheld’s technicians, despite the not quite simple hall conditions. The positive feedback from the experienced technicians totally confirmed our choice of the ProAudio Technology System.”

Sven Bartsch and Frank Jakob on the VT16 system at Revolverheld