Stadt Land Bass Festival

ProAudio Technology continues to impress artists, technicians and visitors in its fourth year

The Stadt Land Bass Festival in Babenhausen is – not only because of its unique location – an ever more successful festival.  For 14 hours the top-DJ´s of the scene like Monika Kruse, Charlotte de Witte, Klaudia Gawlas, Victor Ruiz, Rødhåd and many more provide the finest electronic beats on 3 floors.

For the fourth time in a row: the loudspeaker systems from ProAudio Technology.

Technical facts

Main Stage
Main PA16 x VT20 vertical array tops
Subarray24 x VS18 subwoofers
Nearfill4 x VT20 vertical array tops
Amping3 x 20.4-DSP and 1 x 6.2-DSP system amplifiers
Power4 x 16 A / 230 V Schuko
Forest floor
Front PA4 x HT16 horn tops
Subarray8 x VS18 subwoofers
Amping1 x 20.4-DSP system amplifier
Power1 x 16 A / 230 V Schuko
Front PA16 x VT16 vertical array tops
Subarray18 x VS18 subwoofers
Nearfill2 x MT12 multi-purpose loudspeakers
Amping3 x 20.4-DSP system amplifiers
Power3 x 16 A / 230 V Schuko


„For the fourth year in a row, the VT20 convinced all along the line at the main stage. Together with the 24 VS18 subwoofers in 4 x 4:2 cardioid arrangement, 2 x 8 elements resulted in an extremely powerful and at the same time clean sounding system that mastered the distance of up to 60 meters in a relaxed manner. For the first time 4 more VT20 elements were chosen as nearfill. The result was a very homogeneous sound image right up to the edge of the stage and a correct level reserve at close range, which would not have been possible with conventional fills. And all this at only 4 Schuko sockets with 3 x 20.4-DSP and 1 x 6.2-DSP system amplifiers.

On the Waldfloor, the tried and tested combination of 4 HT16 horn tops together with 8 VS18 subwoofers on only one 20.4-DSP system amplifier made a more than decent impression for the third time in a row. Since the distance to be covered here was only about 25 meters, no line array system was used.

In the event tent, the new VT16 line array seamlessly continued its successful baptism of fire in 2017. An equal and powerful level distribution to a depth of 30 meters was no problem for the 2 x 8 VT16 with 18 VS18 subwoofers in 3 x 4:2 cardioid arrangement. For the close range 2 MT12 multifunction boxes were used. Everything supplied by 3 x 20.4-DSP system amplifiers at 3 Schuko sockets.

The excellent feedback from artists and technicians confirms the selection of the listed systems. We are looking forward to further successful applications of our ProAudio Technology sound reinforcement systems.”

Christopher KlarManaging Director at CK Veranstaltungstechnik